"Intro to Growth Strategy" with DemandCurve by BAMF

"Intro to Growth Strategy" with DemandCurve

We lead growth sessions at Y Combinator. We’ve taken clients from no revenue to millions in ARR. We’ve turned businesses around and gotten them to their next round of funding.

This course is geared towards giving you our actionable tactics to apply to your business. Immediately.

What's included?

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Introduction to Course
Welcome to the Demand Curve growth course!
2 mins
Course Overview
Part 1: Growth Strategy & Onboarding
Part 2: Ad Copy and Creation
Part 3: Acquisition Channels
Part 4: Conversion
How to take this course
Getting Feedback (Full Program Only)
Introduction to Growth Strategy
Why is a Growth Strategy important?
Acquisition Channels
Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
The Myth of Press, PR, and Viral Marketing
What Actually Happens
Here’s a real graph from one of our clients
105 KB
When is Press and PR Worthwhile?
So...what should you do instead?
Finding Your Target Audience
Examples: Good Target Personas
How to Identify Your Target Audience
Invert Your Customers
Ladder of Product Awareness
324 KB
Customer Personas
Audiences vs. Personas: what's the difference?
Final Note: Don’t focus on the product
A reminder of how this course is structured
Value Props
Why is it important?
Developing Value Props - Step 1
Here’s an example of value props for a fantasy football (soccer) app
434 KB
Developing Value Props - Step 2
436 KB
Developing ad copy with value props
Don'ts / Common Pitfalls
How to Pick the Right Acquisition Channel
Why is this important?
80.7 KB
Minimum Achievable CAC
317 KB
Traditional Referral
178 KB
Email Referral
121 KB
Affiliate Link
42.9 KB
Referral Cards
3.12 MB
Minimum Achievable CAC (Based on our Experience)
What types of products does it work for?
Google Ads (aka AdWords)
Google Ads (aka AdWords)
179 KB
A better question here is “What kind of products doesn’t Google Ads work for?”
21.7 KB
Google Shopping Ads
72.1 KB
Instagram Ads
Instagram Ad - Example 1
59 KB
Instagram Ad - Example 2
109 KB
Facebook Ads
Facebook Ad - Example 1
326 KB
Facebook Ad - Example 2
919 KB
Facebook Ad - Example 3
405 KB
Quora Ads
Quora Ad - Example
361 KB
Cold Outreach
Cold Email
147 KB
Other forms of cold outreach
Direct Sponsorship/Partnerships
Podcast Sponsorship
1 min
Promoted Posts on Product Hunt
136 KB
Conference Sponsorship
2.53 MB
Ad Networks
Display Ad Example
306 KB
Pinterest Ads
Pinterest Ad - Example 1
912 KB
Pinterest Ad - Example 2
518 KB
Pinterest Ad - Example 3
440 KB
Snapchat Ads
Colgate Snapchat Ad - Example 1
234 KB
HiSmile Snapchat Ad - Example 2
282 KB
Ziggo Snapchat Ad - Example 3
333 KB
Venom Snapchat Ad - Example 4
2.02 MB
YouTube Ads
YouTube Ad Examples
106 KB
Apple Search Ads
Apple Search Ad - Example
345 KB
Bing Ads
229 KB
LinkedIn Ads
LinkedIn Ad Example
697 KB
Print Ads
24.1 KB
Twitter ads
Twitter Ad - Example 1
523 KB
Twitter Ad - Example 2
1.79 MB
Reddit Ads
Reddit Ad - Example 1
805 KB
Reddit Ad - Example 2
1.39 MB
Growth Loops
Growth Loop Examples
Why Growth Loops are Powerful
Project: Craft Your Growth Strategy
Phase 1: Open glossary
Phase 2: Fill out form.
Phase 3: Acquisition strategy
Phase 4: Value props
Phase 5: Target personas
Phase 6: Submit your work
1.7 MB
Bonus Project: How to Steal from Competitors
Phase 1: Competitor list
Phase 2: Competitor breakdown
Phase 3: Top takeaways
Phase 4: Demand Curve review
Phase 5: Send to your team (optional, but recommended)
Additional Resources
Example: Finished Competitor Report
The Complete Glossary of Marketing Terms
Template: Value Props
Template: Competitor Report