"Cold Emailing" with DemandCurve by BAMF
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"Cold Emailing" with DemandCurve

“Cold emailing” means sending an email to someone you’ve never talked to.

When Demand Curve grows a B2B company, it’s most often because we sent a bunch of well-crafted cold emails. Not because we ran ads.

If you’re a B2B company, you’ll want to try cold-emailing early on. It’s free to send an email, emails let you target exactly the people you want, and when done right, they’re so personalized that people can’t help but respond. You don’t get that with ads.

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What's included?

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Intro to Cold Outreach
How to Find the Right People
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Sourcing from competitors
Sourcing earlier in the journey
How to Find Email Addresses
Email Copy
Come up with an excuse
Write the actual email
Sending Cold Emails
How many emails should I send?
What tool should I use to send emails?
How do I know if they work?
Follow-up and Common Mistakes
Figure out where they are in the journey
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Common mistakes
Putting into practice
Project: Cold Outreach
Phase 1: Find emails
Phase 2: Draft your strategy document
Phase 3: Write copy
Phase 4: Test on yourself
Phase 5: Demand Curve review - strategy and copy
Phase 7: Gather emails
Phase 6: Revise
Phase 8: Learn mail merge
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Phase 9: Checklist
Phase 10: Go live
Phase 11: Get data
Templates: Cold Email Copy